Game Rules/Instructions & how to make the best moves tips

Object of the Game

Players compete to get at least 2 pawns to reach the center through their home base (home base is allocated to each player according to their seating at the table, Green for Africa, Yellow for Asia, Blue for Europe, Orange for Latin America). When a player reaches the center, he/she are awarded a Visa. Since there are 4 Visas available in the game, the first player to obtain 2 Visas is announced the winner (4 at play), when there are (2 at play) the first who obtains 3 Visas is the winner, Ties may happen but are very rare. When (3 at play) if a player has 2 Visas and one or none of the other 2 players has a Visa, play continues until player with 2 Visas has a 3rd or each of the other 2 players has one. If there is a Tie, the players will roll dice, first to get a BANG Wins the Game.

The Advantages

On The Board:

The Slider , allows a player to slide by passing DEPORTATION corner block.

Green Card Pending Safe Zone is a safe zone for all players to land on and no one may knock the other off the board. As the rest of the trailing blocks on the board are subject to knock off hence opposing player lands on any of them while another player is on it. A player may not knock off his own pawns nor that of a partners if playing 2 against 2.

The Challenges

And The DEPORTED corner block as well as the Border Patrol BUSTED GO HOME block sends the pawn back home (Off the Board of play) will need a roll of DUST or BANG to start again.

Visa Denied block is the last hurdle to overcome it can be a game ender. When a player lands on it that pawn is stuck and may not advance. He/she may opt out of the game as now will be playing at a great disadvantage, but can continue hence another player’s pawn might wind up in a Visa denied.Block thus rendering the field of play even. Remember it is the player with 2 Immigration Visas who will be the winner (99% of the time).

NOTE: There is a way out of the Visa Denied block, hence you have no other pawns to move and an opponent rolls ½ A Dozen of the other, and yours is the only move he/she has to move back 6 blocks, they must make that move, thus rendering you free from that nasty block and you may be on your way to get that pawn a Visa after all and may win the game, try not to fall back into that Visa denied block again.

Eight Sided Dice

There are 2 supplied with the game. The play is with ONE only. The other is extra for ease of game when playing partners.

Dice sticker layout


Starts a player’s game (gets pawn on the board). After having at least one pawn on the board (in play that is), a DUST counts 8 (eight blocks to move) forward +1, the 1 may be moved with the other 8, or moved with other pawns on the board, or may start another pawn with it. Players’ roll resumes until 2, 3, or 4 is rolled. Then on to the next player.


Also starts a players’ game. BANG is the most valuable roll in the dice as it is a jumper. After having started with at least one pawn on the board a BANG counts 10 (ten blocks to move) forward +1 and may jump another 18 blocks (a whole section, see illustrations), the 1 is used as in DUST, may be added to the ten or move by another pawn or start another pawn. Players’ roll resumes until 2, 3, or 4 is rolled. Then on to the next player.

6 Of One

Advances any of the player’s pawns 6 blocks forward.

½ A Dozen of the Other

Allows a player to move any of the opposing player’s pawns 6 blocks back, as the player sees fit. Players’ roll resumes until 2, 3, or 4 is rolled.

Please note, all plays must be made whenever possible. Regardless of the outcome.

Example: Say your opponent has a pawn on the Start DUST block at his home base or any block north of the BANG block with in 5 blocks, and you rolled a “1/2 a Dozen of the other” hence there are no other opposing pawns on the board, then you must move that pawn back 6 blocks which would place that pawn on Green Card safe zone block or any other left of the BANG block within 6 blocks from its location. That forced move and any other while hurtful in most stances, it renders your opponent’s pawn anywhere left of the BANG block & is mighty helpful as he/she will be moving towards the center with that pawn now thus bypassing the entire board.


When a player rolls Border Patrol TRUMPED wall any opponent player will place the 4 walls supplied with the game in a hat/bowl and without looking will pick a wall from the hat/bowl. Then places the stand alone wall anywhere on the board except the opposing player’s home stretch (colored blocks leading to center) that’s not permitted. Thus preventing that player’s pawn from advancing passed that wall.
There is a Cross if you dare TRUMPED wall removal card, which may be applied when drawn by anyone, or if 2 sixes are rolled in a row by anyone playing the game, hence 2 six of one or a 6 of one and a 1/2 a Dozen of the Other or 2 ½ a Dozen of the other combinations are rolled.


There are 4 walls supplied in the game. Only the wall with the EU Flag Welcome to America is merciful. If that wall is drawn out of the hat/bowl the Player who rolled the dice may  hold on to this wall for 5 turns, it will save him/her from all obstacles while in his/her possession, must relinquish after 5 turns. The other 3 walls are Merciless.

Place at the center of the board game

Immigration Visa Card

BANG in play examples

Denotes example of BANG in play

These cross end blocks are safe zone blocks for pawns associated with them only. All other players may knock each other’s pawns off when landing on that same block like any other block, except the player’s pawn who’s identified with it and may not move upwards. Example; Green pawn may not move up on Blue blocks to get to center & so on. .

Denotes example of another BANG in play

When in a spot where jumping an entire section of the cross is not feasible, then you always count the first 10 blocks in the move, then add 18 (the number of blocks in a section), in the example shown you would land on opponent’s starting point, that’s risky as odds are you might easily get knocked off, so you may use the +1 then to move one more block and be off his/her starting block.

Euforia’ 54 card Spell-up

Simple game, think of 52 card pick up with a twist.
Here, when you match a discarded card say like CHUCK GRASSHOPPER 7, you will need the same character and number to make a match, suit is irrelevant here.
Once a match is made, unlike in 52 card pick-up game, player must make new words utilizing the letters in that card, in this example it would be C-H-U-C-K-G-R-A-S-S-H-O-P-P-E-R ONLY. The new word combinations using these letters only are 1684 words.

Here is the link to the word maker site to see if the words you made are correct.

Player will pick a card from the pile to add to his/her own for each new word made 1 (one) minute time allowed per turn, then play resumes. Player with most cards when no more plays are possible wins the game.

You may include the Jokers in play as well for a total of 54 cards. You can use the word JOKER or TOUCAN to make new words out of its letters when matched. Game is meant for 2 players, if 3 or 4 players are desired in the game, you may use 2 decks of cards for better results.
Please note: The cards are regulation deck of cards and any of the games in the book of Hoyle may be played with them, such as Poker, Canasta, Gin Rummy etc. . .