Immigration Visa

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The Board Game is by far if not the most exciting board game you’ll ever play with family & friends it is certainly one of the top rated. Although it is rated 8 & up for those savvy 8 year olds into teens, it is a challenging adult game.

Please note, that the first 1000 Immigration Visa of Euforia Games AEIOU Board Games sold, will be branded as collector items as they are time stamped and signed by the inventor.
Euforia Games AEIOU writes & publishes its own work. We try to include as many in your house hold/classroom as possible.

Immigration Visa is a game of luck of the dice/draw and strategy. Note the game provides 2 of the 8way dice, only one is used for play, the other is an extra.

Always be on the lookout for additional how to play/strategize tips on our site here (click on Tutorial for any new info, news, tips & alerts) also look for coupons & up-coming tournaments.

A $49.95 value, NOW an introductory offer for $29.95. Limited supply.


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