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The Smell of Greed is 1st in a series of seven books about the seven deadly sins. A hard cover written in rhyme & storied in a fun manner, so children of all ages (adults too) may relate to, absorb & never forget. A sure joy for the whole family.

Written in three languages, English, Arabic & Spanish to reach as many in our diverse great nation. As well as intriguing the reader to be inquisitive about other languages, opening his/her eyes for advancing & better learning.

Euforia Games AEIOU writes & publishes its own work. We try to include as many in your house hold/classroom as possible.
At the end of our books you’ll find perforated pages with images of the story’s characters so parents/teachers may easily tear and copy for the youngest ones to have fun coloring.

Euforia Games AEIOU brings its book’s story characters to life, offering book packages to include a plush toy of one of the characters or more (your choice), Euforia Games coloring Pencils, subject folding Frisbee, Euforia Games deck of cards (regulation) with our own teach/learn game instructions, A coin purse with compact mirror, Characters sticker sheet (12) Fart plush toy (it farts too) and a mini fart plush toy (it squeaks) to accommodate that beloved pet in the family & comes with a smart, light & waterproof back pack to house your lovely book package & more.

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